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M Restaurant Grows Up: This Weekend’s Menu and Cheese List

M's Garden
M’s Garden

Total lack of objectivity alert: I manage M Restaurant at the Morris House Hotel in Center City, and my boyfriend Michael Caspi is the new chef as of a few weeks ago. So you shouldn’t trust me when I promise he is amazingly talented and his food is creative, high quality, soulful, and really damn good. We’re changing the menu weekly, but every day there is something new. Most everything comes from local farms, so we’re incredibly seasonal, local, sustainable, and all those good buzz words. I’ve become the cheese lady, curating a constantly changing list of some of the best (or, my favorite) cheeses in the world. Michael makes condiments to compliment the cheese: Brillat Savarin and banana puree are a match made in heaven, and I’m all about gooseberries poached in vanilla. It’s going to be a great weekend at M: the weather is perfect for garden dining and hanging. Your meal will start with gougères that the guys in the kitchen make with duck fat; they are perfect with the olive oil-butter that gets sprinkled with fleur de sel and served along side them. Read on for the menu and the cheese selection.

M Restaurant Menu
August 27, 2010


Sardine, Nicoise, Kalamata, Cheddar 3
Salmon, Devon Cheddar 3

Shrimp and a Cocktail
Roast Kefir Lime- Scented Shrimp, Lemongrass Ginger Vodka Fizz

(Yellowtail) Hiramasa Sashimi
Yuzu, Fermented Soy Kohlrabi, Miniature Flowering Cucumber

Half and Half Gazpacho
Coriander Blossom, Brioche Croutons, 50 Year Gran Capirete Sherry Vinegar

Fresh Soft Polenta
Just-Picked Corn, Parmesan

Heirloom Beet Borsht Salad
Beet Tapioca, Celery Fronds, Horseradish Yogurt, Arugula Oil, Crunchy Parmesan

Greens, Herbs, and Lettuces
Fines Herbes, Bacon Crumbles, Peach Vinaigrette

Zephyr and One Ball Summer Squashes
Duck Pierogi, San Marzano Tapenade, Saffron Sabayon

Alaskan Coho Salmon
Russian Banana Fingerling Potato, Daikon Cherry Bomb Radish Bouquet, Spaghetti Squash and Verjus Caramel, Wholegrain Mustard Remoulade

Bright Bouillabaisse Sauce, Parsnip Curls, Dragon Carrot, Parsley

Roast Chicken
Lao Lavender Eggplant Parmesan, Tuscan Kale, Vidalia Onion Ribbons, Tomato Petals, Dark Meat Marbled Sausage, Nutty Jus

Sautéed Duck Breast
Dark Duck Torchon, Apricot, Roast Peach, Breakfast Radish, Stone Fruit Jus, Black Mint

Bacon Poisson Papillotte
Caramelized Cipollini and Royal Trumpet Duxelle, Purple Sage, Allspice Bayleaf Mignonette

Braised and Glazed Short Ribs
Petit and Purple Turnip, Canadian Bacon Toast, Tarbais Bean Purée, Carrot Confetti, Flaming Shiso, Tellicherry Tamarind Aigre Douce

M Cheese List

With pretzel crackers and house-made condiments
7 each / 4 for 21

Haystack Mountain Dairy Haystack Peak
Longmont, Colorado. Pasteurized Goat.
Bright and salty

La Tur
Bocia, Italy. Pasteurized Cow Sheep and Goat.
Like buttercream frosting

Brillat Savarin
Ile-de-France. Raw Cow,
Cheesecakey triple crème

Puits d’Astier
Auvergne , France. Pasteurized Sheep.
Earthy and smooth

Evora, Portugal. Raw Sheep.
Sheepy and fruity

La Serena
Extremadura, Spain. Raw Sheep.
Gooey and tart

Piemonte, Italy. Raw Cow.
Hoppy and nutty

5 Spoke Creamery Tumbleweed
Port Chester, PA. Raw Cow.
Cheddary and brown buttery

Devon, England. Pasteurized Cow.
The perfect cheddar

Barely Buzzed
Uintah, Utah. Pasteurized Cow.
Rubbed with coffee and lavender

Bavarian Blue
Baden-Württemberg , Germany. Raw Cow.
Sweet, spicy and buttery

M Restaurant Grows Up: This Weekend’s Menu and Cheese List