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Kogi Mastermind Involved in New Culver City Project

Cora's could become Choi's
Cora’s could become Choi’s Photo: Hadley Tomicki

Well that was fast! Eater reports that Roy Choi, the don dada at Kogi we hold responsible for bleaching the letters “f-o-d-t-r-u-c-k” off of our keyboards, is possibly planning the menu for a new Culver City restaurant, just four and a half months after opening Chego in Palms. We’d wondered who was going to fill those big spaces on Washington Blvd. in Culver City and it looks as though Choi is overtaking the former Cora’s, much as Waterloo & City made a home at the shuttered Crest Family Restaurant nearby. So, what might be in the works here?

No food details yet, save for the obvious–that it will be Korean-inspired in some form– and that it could be the kind of good cooking you only eat with your hands. The restaurant is a reported new venture from Beechwood/Brig/Del owner David Reiss, who continues to serve Kogi’s food at Alibi Room. Early Chego talk suggested that another location of the rice bowl restaurant might arise, though Reiss’ involvement and the size of the restaurant both suggest something swankier.

While this is no doubt exciting news for Choi chasers, Reiss might be the guy to really watch this next season, as he also has Jamie Lauren of Top Chef coming to his Marina del Rey gastropub, Beechwood, several blocks west of where Eater positions the new Choi eatery. Reiss’ involvement also has us hopeful that, unlike Chego, there will be booze.

Unnamed Roy Choi/David Reiss Project, possibly coming to 12565 West Washington Blvd. Culver City

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Kogi Mastermind Involved in New Culver City Project