The Other Critics

Kauffman Calls Farm:Table ‘A Beautiful Thing’; Bauer Calls Village Pub ‘Consistent’

We just noticed that Kauffman filed an extra mini-review this week of teensy Tendernob coffee/lunch spot Farm:Table, calling it “a wonder in miniature.” Also, he adores their coffee and their hard-boiled egg dish with habanero chutney. And in a second mini-review, he gives props to Taqueria San Francisco’s al pastor burrito for being “classic.” [SF Weekly, second item]

Meanwhile, over at the Chronicle, Michael Bauer re-reviews The Village Pub for the first time since 2006, and he calls it “consistent, but not in a great way.” It holds steady at two and a half stars (after opening in ‘01 to three and a half), but he complains of an undercooked sausage, a paltry scallop dish, and some lackluster service. Once again, given the description, that extra half star sounds generous. [Chron]

Also, the Datebook has a full review today by Allen Matthews of Izakaya Sozai, the new incarnation of Sozai in the Sunset. He writes that most of the food is “working” but that some dishes are “misguided,” like the avocado tempura, and the monkfish liver paté was “nearly devoid of flavor.” All in all: two and a half stars. [Chron]

Kauffman Calls Farm:Table ‘A Beautiful Thing’; Bauer Calls Village