Jersey Shore Inspires Cocktails; Pork-Belly Prices Soar

Jersey Shore–inspired cocktail Ron-Ron Juice is popping up on Miami’s cocktail menus. [NYDN]

• Pork-belly prices are at an all-time high, which could result in a bacon price boom. [WSJ]

Barcade will soon open a Jersey City location, complete with food. [Jersey Journal]

• Just fifteen months after opening, Gordon Ramsay’s Maze Cape Town is shuttered. [Bloomberg]

• “Cookie Man” Scott Alexander, known for handing out vegan cookies from an inflatable couch in Union Square, is moving to Oakland, California, this week. [NYDN]

• New Hampshire’s Turtle Farm, the country’s oldest family operated farm, is going out of business. [NYT]

• Low-income neighborhoods could support many more food stores than they currently do, finds a new study. [Crain’s]

• Municipal employees have spent $3.3 million of taxpayer’s money on ordering in food this year. [NYP]

• Unfortunately, New York doesn’t have a way to process the meat of the geese recently killed in Prospect Park, rendering it inedible. [City Room/NYT]

Jersey Shore Inspires Cocktails; Pork-Belly Prices Soar