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Is Ryan Skeen the Latest Twitter Quitter?

Photo: Eater NY

It’s Shitshow Week over at Eater, and while the site has unleashed a torrent of snark on the usual suspects (Todd English, etc.), it has also raised some eyebrows by making “Shitshow All-Stars” out of two of the most well-liked and well-regarded chefs in town, Akhtar Nawab (his crime: jumping from Zengo to La Esquina) and Christopher Lee (for his recent endorsement/consulting gigs). For the most part, commenters rose to defend both chefs and ask the site (using some choice language) whether it had lost its mind. They were more divided about Ryan Skeen, who was singled out for mockery not once, but twice. We’ve been eyeing Skeen’s Twitter for a response along the lines of the one that got him a one-way ticket out of Allen & Delancey, but guess what? His page ceased to exist sometime in the past day or two.

That means that Skeen has followed his Twitter adversary Joe Dobias (the other tweeting toque featured in the Times) into the Twitter graveyard. It’s uncertain what will happen to cyber Skeen, but if it’s any consolation, you can still catch Joe Doe on Facebook. He’s still in fine form, judging by a recent update:

So the JoeDoe was in the house at Governors Isle … Lame is the one word that sums it up. We saw little to no actual cooking happening even though all the ‘chefs’ had grills? Further the JoeDoe takes serious tone with all the A-holes cooking meat that is CLEARLY not local, not sustainable and totally in contradiction to … what Mr Ozersky espoused in his PR campaign. Get with it Josh.

Can’t we all just get along?

Is Ryan Skeen the Latest Twitter Quitter?