How to Get on a Restaurant Blacklist

Photo: Carlos Avila Gonzalez/The Chronicle, 2005

Restaurant employees are people too. What’s the best way to get good service? It helps to be polite and treat the host/server/bartender/busboy with the respect you would treat a fellow human. Just the basics. Insults are not the way to go. You probably won’t get brownie points with the restaurant staff by slipping the pepper grinder into your purse, or drunkenly insulting the neighboring table. Read on for the “seven deadly sins” that will be sure to land you on a restaurant’s blacklist. [SFGate]


* Multiple no shows
* Sending one person on time for a reservation, while the rest of the party straggles in, one-by-one. an hour or more later (on multiple occasions)
* Lingering at your table for hours with a paltry bill (on multiple occasions)
* Propositioning the staff (just once will do for this offense)
* Extreme obnoxious drunkenness
* Stealing stuff (knives, art, pepper grinders — I’ve seen it all)
* Cruelty or violence towards staff or another guest”

How to Get on a Restaurant Blacklist