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Grassroots Group Targets LAUSD’s Limp Lunches

Sorry kids...
Sorry kids… Photo: Bing Bing via Flickr

After teaching six years of after-school programs across the city, this narrator can confirm that LAUSD junior-high students would eat Flamin’ Hot Cheetos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner if left to their own devices. But that doesn’t let the school system off the hook for serving crap and a grassroots group called Food for Lunch is trying to hold someone accountable and push change. The group has a very specific set of goals few parents or teachers could argue with.

Squid Ink introduces us to these crusaders, who insist on more California-sourced whole foods, filtered, non-bottled, water, and a steep reduction of processed foods and sugars be served for school lunch, among other shifts in school diets. The group asks all concerned citizens to attend a meeting tonight at Manuel Arts High at 6:30 P.M. with LAUSD’s green policy director and a member of its food services division. The meeting is a preparation for the school year’s first board meeting in two weeks where LAUSD’s contract with Tyson, currently on-hold, will be discussed.

Grassroots Group to Tell LAUSD: We Want Food For Lunch [Squid Ink/L.A. Weekly]

Grassroots Group Targets LAUSD’s Limp Lunches