Golden Age of Wine Bars Is Now; Top Chef Wins Emmy

• This just might be the golden age of wine bars in New York: The city currently houses 237 – 69 of which opened in the past year. [WSJ]

Top Chef won this year’s Emmy for Outstanding Reality Show competition last night. [Eater]

• Two New York state politicians are sponsoring bills to require a salmonella vaccine for hens. [NYDN]

• Artisanal breakfast pizzas are on the rise. [NYP]

• Eighteen Italians have died while searching for mushrooms in the past ten days. [Guardian]

• Foochebag (foodie/douchebag portmanteau) is the newest entry in the food lexicon. [NBC]

• Freegans run a regular dinner club in Downtown Brooklyn with foraged food. [NYT]

• Seasonal cooking is arriving in the Netherlands and bringing with it a rejuvenation of Dutch cuisine. [WSJ]

• Two bakers in Newburgh are attempting to make a seven-foot-long cannoli, the world’s largest. [NYDN]

• A Jacksonville Winn-Dixie was the site of controversy after selling a Confederate flag cake. [News 13]

Golden Age of Wine Bars Is Now; Top Chef Wins Emmy