First Look at Gabbana, the Latest Nuevo Latino Newcomer

If you’re a Mets fan who’s had your fill of Shake Shack (and a post-game trip to Strawberry’s ain’t going to cut it), take note of a new dining option near the stadium. This Wednesday, Ricardo Cardona of Sofrito (yes, the creator of the $1,000 paella) will soft-open Gabbana along with Yamil Martinez, owner of Washington Heights venues Mamajuana, MamaSushi, and Altus Café. Between this, Nuela, and Carniceria AD, can we call it the comeback of Nuevo Latino?

Cardona (who also helms the kitchens of Latin hot spots Hudson River Café and Sofrito) is practicing what he calls “Modern Dominican” cuisine here — we’re told he spent a considerable amount of time in the DR, mastering the art of the pastelón (he makes his with Kobe beef, naturally). The rest of the menu is below. The dining room will be open daily from 5 p.m. till midnight (with the bar going till 2 a.m.), and a lounge will stay open till 4 a.m. on weekends. There’ll be a nightly D.J. after midnight.

Small Plates
Smoked Fish Picadillo
Trout, marlin, onions, limes, cilantro with Caribbean Root Chips

Guacamole 3 Ways
Mango pineapple
Queso blanco and lobster

Cheese Fondue
crabmeat & chorizo

Beef, pinto beans, sweet plantain & cheese

De pollo
Shredded chicken stew, capers, olives& tomatoes

Langosta y camaron
lobster/shrimp/corn &Peppers;

Empanada Trio
de hongos
wildmoshroom,troufle oil,manchego cheese

Masa de cangrejo
Crab meat stew -yuca crust

Arepa Trio
Filet mignon/duck/smoked chicken

Pulpo con yucca
Crispy octopus/yucca/olive chimicurrie &Saffron; aioli

Creole tomato sauce, lemon garlic aioli

De camaron en yautia
Shrimp wrapped in tarot root and spicy guava aioli

De pollo al ajillo
Crispy chicken lolly pop in garlic sauce

Lobster,basil,sour orange,honey lime mojo

Vuelve a La Vida
Seafood mixto in a red spicy mojo

Classico pescado
Red sanapper,Fresh lemon & lime juices, cilantro & avocado

Tamarind & Dominican rum mojo

Ceviche sampler

Mini Burguesitas / Sliders
De carne kobe
Kobe beef Manchego truffle cheese

Dominican Chimichurri
Pork, beef & veal patty / red onions, tomato & coleslaw

Langosta y ahuacate
Warm lobster salad with avocado and herbs

Albondigas de marisco
Sea food meat balls /Tomato creole sauce

Chivo en cazuela
Braised goat in red wine,sofrito/yucca mashed

Tomato saffron,chorizo broth, garlic

Camaron con Serrano Ham
Shrimp wrapped in serrano ham/Green garlic sauce

Dominican lasagnasweet plantain mashed,ground kobe beef and sofrito

Marisco Gratinado
Seafood au gratin - bay scallops, shrimp, crab meat & lobster/crema Blanca/queso blanco

Bacalao guisado acaballo
Braised salted cod & fried egg over polenta

Crema de ahuyama
Cream of squash, Manchego cheese, truffle oil, topped with crispy shrimp

Ensala verde
Musculum greens/lemon lime vinaigrette

Crispy Goat Cheese Salad
Plantain crutons, bacon, arugula, guava vinaigrette

Ensalada de ahuacate
Watercress, avocado,onions, crispy Dominican cheese, lemon Cesar dressing

Lobster & Mango Salad
Mandarins, pistachio, honey citrus vinaigrette

Crispy Calamari Salad
Crispy calamari/ spicy ginger glaze, pea shoot sprouts, mango, roasted cashews

Picada for two
A selection of chef favor appetizers

Tablita de quesos
Artisal cheses and condiments

Tablita de charcurteria
Cure imported meats from spain

La tablota mixta
Cheeses and cure meat /condiments

Banderita de pinchos
Shrimp,chorizo & filet mignon cubes/mojos

Manchego & Serrano Ham
Membrillo sauce

Yucca paella croquette
Seafood croquette over corn salsa and saffron red pepper aioli
Casave tostada
veal churrasco, cheese,
avocado,beans/garlic mojo

Rabo Encendido
Spicy boneless oxtail roll/somed tomato port wine reduction

Tamal South American tamal/rock
shrimp/avocado chardonnay wine crema

Large Plates
Chilean Sea bass
papaya-ginger glaze /shrimp and vegetable choffan with shrimp

Crispy Branzino
marinated in sour orange and Dominican oregano, stuffed/rock shrimp scallops,crabmeat,lobster,green pigeon pea rice/coconut spanish creole sauce

Roast Pork/red pinto bean rice/tostones,garlic sour orange mojo

Salmon en cana
Manajuana rum glaze/yucca mashed and grilled eggplant

Lasagna criolla
Fresh pasta sheets,ground beef,sausage,3 chesses/tomato creole sauce

Spaghetti con Langosta
Manchego, truffle cream, asparagus, morels, poached egg

Gabbana Paella
saffronrice,langostinos,clams,mussels,scallops,shrimp,chorizo,Octopus,green peas,piquillo pepper

Pechuga de pollo
chicken breast/malanga mashed, Portobello,spinach catalana,raisings,garlic and pine nuts

Grill / Plancha
Bistec anejo/Dry-Aged Sirloin
Ternera/Veal Churrasco
cordero/Lamb Chops
Pollito/cornish hen
Churrasco/Skirt steak

Fried Palmitos
Mashed Yucca
Mashed Malanga

Gabbana Papaya BBQ
Sun-Dried Tomatos Mushrooms
Brandy and Mustard
Rum Glaze

Gabbana, 107-11 Northern Blvd., nr. 108th St.; Corona, Queens; 718-651-4052

First Look at Gabbana, the Latest Nuevo Latino Newcomer