Forest Hills Restaurant Row Is On the Horizon

Forest Hills
Forest Hills Photo: John Stephen Dwyer/Flickr

Jamaica Plain’s Corman McCormack wants to open a bistro across the street from Forest Hills, reports Universal Hub. The bistro, to be called Tonic, would be similar to Ten Tables and Vee Vee, per the Jamaica Plain Gazette. But that’s not the only restaurant planned for that stretch of Washington Street!

Former Jeanie Johnston owner John Jacobs wants to open Napper Tandy’s, an Irish pub, right next door to Tonic. This would put Tonic, Napper Tandy’s, and The Dogwood Cafe all on the same block. A restaurant row across from the 32 bus’ docking station is the last thing we could have predicted, but we’ll take it.

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Forest Hills Restaurant Row Is On the Horizon