Fishermen Protest Obama; Fornax Tip Jar Stolen

• A group of fishermen will protest what they see as Obama’s oversight of their industry in Vineyard Haven today. [Herald]

• A Mattapan man stole $4 from the tip jar at Roslindale’s Fornax Bread Company. [Roslindale Transcript]

• The FDA will conduct hundreds of egg factory inspections following last week’s massive recall and the new rules put into place thereafter. [WSJ]

• Unesco is mulling adding the Mediterranean diet to its world heritage list of intangible cultural experiences. [Guardian]

• There are hundreds of chefs and food writers on Twitter, but most of their feeds are dull. [Time]

• Chains like Papa John’s and Hooters are targeting promotions at fantasy football players. [NRN]

• Moderate consumption of chocolate may promote heart health. [NYT]

• Pepsi Max is rebranding and pitting itself more directly against Coke Zero. [Crain’s]

Fishermen Protest Obama; Fornax Tip Jar Stolen