Evanston May Beat Chicago To The Food Truck

Photo: Courtesy Hummingbird Kitchen

Like the Duchy of Grand Fenwick reaching the moon before either the USA or the USSR, Evanston may put a chef in an actual mobile kitchen (not merely a truck dispensing premade food) well before its larger neighbor. Hummingbird Kitchen, which owns the popular Campagnola and Union Pizzeria restaurants, has demonstrated a fully functional kitchen truck to city officials over the past month, and Monday night they got a step closer to its approval.

According to Hummingbird’s Heather Behm, “Going into the [City] Council meeting on Monday night we were already fairly sure that the lone Alderman that is opposed to the food truck ordinance would prevent a unanimous vote of the council to ‘suspend their rules.’” Suspending the rules would have allowed the Council to discuss and even vote on the issue the first time it was brought up; preventing the unanimous vote blocked that.

But having been brought up once now, Behm says it can move more easily to becoming an “action item” at the next meeting on September 13th, and at that point a simple majority is sufficient to pass the ordinance. Behm believes that they have the votes, and if the ordinance passes, they hope to have the truck cookin’ and truckin’ within that week.

Evanston May Beat Chicago To The Food Truck