Don Antonio’s Loves The Hills; Eat, Pray, Love Food-Styling Went Off-Site

• Business boomed at Don Antonio’s after an appearance on The Hills. [Daily Mail U.K.]

• While working on Eat, Pray, Love, food stylist Susan Spungen had to prepare everything off-site and trek it to the set. [T Magazine/NYT]

• Jonathan Chin-Lee will try to bring the Swipes for the Homeless program he started at UCLA, in which college students can donate food through unused school dining credits, to other pars of the country. [Daily Bruin]

• Prior to opening Red O, Rick Bayless had not spent much time in L.A. [Huffington Post]

• Nana Queens was the first vendor eliminated from The Great Food Truck Race. [AV Club]

• Sotheby’s will soon put crates of heirloom vegetables on the auction block. [WSJ]

• The price of bacon is on the rise due to an acute pork belly shortage. [Des Moines Register]

• Ramadan is a difficult time for observant Muslim food vendors. [WSJ]

• A federal judge revoked the Department of Agriculture’s approval of genetically modified sugar beets on Friday because the USDA didn’t study their effect on other food thoroughly enough. [Huffington Post]

• As the Japanese sushi scene shrinks, more and more Japanese sushi chefs are seeking positions abroad. [NYT]

• Baby Boomers are much more interested in local, organic, and healthy foods now than they were 20 years ago. [Eatocracy/CNN]

Don Antonio’s Loves The Hills; Eat, Pray, Love Food-Styling Went