Dominique Crenn Opening Her Own Restaurant in the Former PlumpJack Space

Photo: Courtesy of Luce

Luce chef and recent Iron Chef champion Dominique Crenn is the mystery partner in the PlumpJack Café makeover, and as of late fall she’ll be opening her first solo restaurant there, Atelier Crenn (3127 Fillmore). As the Scoop reports, the PlumpJack folks will function as silent partners in the venture, with Crenn calling the shots on the menu and design. “My father was a politician in France, but painting was his love. It was his passion,” Crenn tells Grub Street, and the “atelier” in the title is inspired by the workshop her late father kept where he did his painting, nicknamed ‘Atelier Papa Crenn.’ “The ‘Crenn’ part is not so much about putting my last name up there, but about his name.”

The plan is for prix fixe only, French-inspired (obviously), with three courses for $55, five for $65 and a tasting menu for $95, with diners able to mix and match courses from a variety of options. She’s aiming for a December 1 opening, and in further tribute to her dad, who passed away eleven years ago, Crenn will feature several of his paintings in the space.

“The restaurant that I think of, my favorite restaurant of all time, a place that inspires me, was Les Maisons de Bricourt in Brittany,” Crenn explains. “Olivier Roellinger opened it in his grandmother’s house, and he had special relationships with all his farmers and suppliers. Everything on my menu is going to be very focused on the ingredients, but also very modern. I want everything to be of the same quality, from what’s on the plate, to the wine in the glass, and the service.”

Crenn tells Grub Street that she has “loved” her experience with Intercontinental Hotels, and she will stay on as consulting chef at Luce.

Below, see Crenn in all her French-accented glory introducing her dishes on Iron Chef a few weeks ago — all of which contained yogurt — and getting some critique from judges Anya Fernald, Andrew Knowlton, and Sabine Cassel.

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Dominique Crenn Opening Her Own Restaurant in the Former PlumpJack Space