DIY Skinwich Is Pretty Good; More Restaurants go BYO

• Russian drought and just-in-time agri practices set stage for the 70% spike in grain prices over past 60 days. [ MarketWatch]

• The KFC Skinwich, which turned out to be an internet hoax, is surprisingly tasty if you make one yourself. [Tribune]

• In the wake of Wright County Egg’s massive recall this week, egg companies are working hard to convince consumers that their products are safe. [WSJ]

• In an effort to lure in more customers, many restaurants are running bring your own wine promotions. [NRN]

• Both the editor-in-chief and the creative director of Every Day With Rachael Ray just stepped down. [NYP]

• Peg Bracken’s 70s tome The I Hate to Cook Book is gaining in popularity among non-locavores. [NYT]

• The Obamas are easy eaters, according to White House executive chef Cristeta Comerford. [AP]

• Kids who grow up drinking wine with their family are less likely to become binge drinkers, finds a new study. [Time]

DIY Skinwich Is Pretty Good; More Restaurants go BYO