Dinkel’s Bakery Now Offering Bacon Doughnuts, Reluctantly

Non-bacon doughnuts at Dinkel's Bakery.
Non-bacon doughnuts at Dinkel’s Bakery. Photo: Michael Gebert

How do you know when the bacon-dessert thing has gone totally mainstream? When an old school bakery like Dinkel’s starts making bacon doughnuts. The bakery, which opened on Lincoln Avenue in 1922 (and boasts one of the city’s best-preserved Art Deco retail facades), normally sticks to classics like powdered doughnuts, custard bismarcks and danish. But two weekends ago they caught up with the trend and started offering maple-flavored doughnuts topped with diced bacon.

Owner Norm Dinkel says he was getting a haircut when one of the women in the shop mentioned that one of her favorite flavors was maple-bacon doughnuts. “My first thought was yuck, but then I thought, maybe we should try it,” he says. Even so, he admits he didn’t try one until the second week, but when he finally did, he was pleasantly surprised.

So far he’s sticking to his resolve to make the labor-intensive treats only on weekends— “I’m not going to get sucked into making them every day!” he barks, like bacon on doughnuts is just a bad dream he still hopes to awaken from. Get yours tomorrow, then you’ll have all week to dream about them.

Dinkel’s Bakery Now Offering Bacon Doughnuts, Reluctantly