Taco Bell Adds Carnitas; Plain Ice Cream Still Rules

• Taco Bell’s new tacos, including one filled with carnitas, are inspired by street food. [NRN]

• Guests at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding were treated to grilled-cheese sandwiches, brownies, and popcorn at 2 a.m. [Political Ticker/CNN]

• Despite the prevalence of fro-yo, gelato, and sorbet, Americans still eat a ton of just plain ice cream. [Time]

• Wheat-bread sales surpassed those of white bread for the first time ever last year. [NYDN]

• Salt hides in unexpected foods, including cereal and sliced bread, making dietary recommendations hard to follow. [WSJ]

The Oak Room now hosts a weekly burlesque show. [WSJ]

• The city’s anti-soda ads, which have included a man drinking a glass of fat, are deliberately disgusting. [Crain’s]

• Urban chicken farming has hit the Bronx. [NYDN]

• Vending machines are going high-tech, with touch screens and credit-card readers becoming more and more common. [WSJ]

• Fro-yo spot 16 Handles will open three new locations in the next eighteen months. [Crain’s]

• The USDA wants to shutter Sunset Park wholesaler NY Gourmet Salads for a listeria problem. [NYP]

Taco Bell Adds Carnitas; Plain Ice Cream Still Rules