Davio’s Heads South; Chains Warm to Foursquare

Davio’s will soon open a fourth location in Atlanta. [Herald]

• Chain restaurants are increasingly using Foursquare to connect with customers, offering users of the service special perks and deals. [NRN]

• Ancient bones recently found in Ethiopia have marks indicating butchering, which suggests pre-humans were eating meat about a million years earlier than previously thought. [Reuters]

• A Guantanamo Bay court sentenced Osama bin Laden’s former chef to fourteen years in jail yesterday. [NYP]

• A feminist advocacy group is trying hard to prevent a Hooters from moving into Cardiff, Wales, saying it will “contribute to sexual harassment of women in the city.” [Salon]

• A young California couple is leading a quest to bring back heirloom seeds. [NYT]

• Buffalo police found a living cat marinating in olive oil and peppers in the trunk of a man’s car. [NYDN]

Davio’s Heads South; Chains Warm to Foursquare