Dave the Butcher Bests Avedano’s Jim & Nick’s In Pig Butchery Contest

The third day of the Eat Real Fest in Oakland yesterday featured a first ever pig butchery contest, which also served as an educational experience for all those curious about what it takes to break down half a hog. David Budworth, a.k.a. Dave the Butcher competed against Avedano’s Market Dan the butcher for Jim & Nick’s BBQ in Georgia, and when the judging was complete Dave’s quick knife work and commercial butchering skills came out on top. Dan got props for more chef-friendly technique, and in the end, they both went home with bottles of St. George’s Absinthe. Look at our full slideshow of the contest, which on its own might raise your cholesterol a few points.

Correction: Dave is the house butcher at Avedano’s in Bernal Heights. We had conflicting reports about the participants.

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Dave the Butcher Bests Avedano’s Jim & Nick’s In