Comme Ca Saving Hatchi Mix With Cedilla

Photo: Breadbar

The bar team from Comme Ca is stepping into Hatchi Mix this Thursday to save the day. Library Bar’s Matthew Biancaniello was originally the featured guest, but bailed out last month due to concerns over, what else, the handling of the paper. Now, Max Seaman and Jeff Knudsen, who call themselves “cocktail nerds,” will present “Cedilla: A Suite of Cocktails,” previewing the next stage of Comme Ca’s bar program. There’s a tequila-and-Campari drink named for Sergio Leone and a signature Bloody Mary with vine-ripened tomatoes. Sounding like a morning-after drink, there’s also a “penicillin” with a splash of Laphroaig ten-year and a hot pepper smash with rye, mint, honey, lemon, and Serrano chile. Comme Ca is certainly no mere consolation prize for cuisine or cocktails, so to take a peek into their latest libation inspirations, make a reservation at 310-277-3770. See below for the full Cedilla menu.

Hatchi Mix
Thursday, August 5TH
Breadbar Century City
5:30 P.M.-Close

Cedilla Menu

* HOT PEPPER SMASH: Rye, Lemon, Honey, Serrano Chile, Mint, and Crushed Ice
* SERGIO LEONE: Tequila, Campari, and Sweet Vermouth, stirred with an Orange Twist
* YOUNG CHEVALIER: Rum, Lemon, Honey, Fresh Apricot, Drambuie Float, and Thyme Sprig
* HUNDRED YEAR FIZZ: Cognac, Lemon, Simple, Egg White, Pernod Rinse, and Soda
* BRIDGETOWN TWIST: Rye, Gin, and Velvet Falernum, stirred
* COMME CA BLOODY MARY: Vodka, Vine-Ripened Tomatoes, Seasoning, and Housemade Pickles
* PENICILLIN: Scotch, Lemon, Honey, Ginger, and Spritz of Laphroaig 10-year Single Malt
* ARCHANGEL: Gin, Aperol, and a Cucumber Twist

Comme Ca Saving Hatchi Mix With Cedilla