The Art of Eating Out

Call John Rivera Sedlar For More Than A Good Time

Photo: Hadley Tomicki

The line between restaurant and art museum is further being blurred at Rivera, where John Sedlar recently split his menu into four differentconexiones” intended to tell the story of L.A.’s eating customs. The chef’s latest move is introducing a phone number so diners may ring up a pre-recorded Sedlar to explain the history and preparation of each dish on the menu. Before the pretension police pull out their clubs, Sedlar has an explanation.

Via a press release, the chef says, “My cooks at Rivera and I have always wondered why we eat the foods we eat today in Los Angeles,…Where do these foods come from? What are their roots? So, we launched an in-depth exploration of our city’s culinary roots, linking three continents and reaching three-thousand years back in time.” With anecdotes, cooking and pairing tips, plus food history lessons, you may learn that early gazpacho used to be white before the discovery of New World ingredients and at the worst, you have a motivated, artistic, successful man who cooks to listen to when your date becomes obsessed with their iPhone.

To hear the smooth strains of Sedlar, call 310-464-6884.

Call John Rivera Sedlar For More Than A Good Time