Bistrot La Minette Gears Up For Its Two Year Anniversary

Bistrot La Minette
Bistrot La Minette Photo: Bistrot La Minette

On Tuesday Bistrot La Minette, the sexy French number that brought a new glimmer of hope for decent dining near South Street and its surrounding neighborhood when it first opened, will celebrate its second anniversary. In honor of the occasion, Chef Peter Woolsey will prepare and serve a decadently delicious four-course prix fixe dinner for just $22. In addition to the dishes, a selection of French wines will be available for $2 a glass, as well as flights for $22. Click through to see the menu and wine selection.

Terrine de Foie Gras
Duck liver pate, white asparagus salad, cassis coulis

Escarots de Bourgogne
Five Burgundy snails, garlic butter, croutons

Halibut aux sauce des coquillages
Pan roasted Halibut, cockle herb broth, potatoes savon, fava beans

Mille Fieulle aux framboise
Vanilla napolean, raspberries

Wine flight available for additional $22
Course 1- Monbazillac, Chateau Tirecul La Graviere, Southwest France
Course 2- Macon, Domaine Bouchard Aine, Chardonnay, Burgundy
Course 3- Dopff & Irion Crustaces , Edelzwicker, Alsace
Course 4- Liqueur De Framboise, Trimbach, Alsace

Bistrot La Minette Gears Up For Its Two Year Anniversary