Batali Pens Vegetarian Cookbook; Poultry’s a Food-Poisoning Risk

• Mario Batali is working on a vegetarian cookbook. [Detroit Free Press via NYDN]

• Poultry is the leading cause of food poisoning, followed by beef, finds a new Centers for Disease Control study. [HuffPo]

• Molecular-cuisine restaurants, like Copenhagen’s Noma, are increasingly adding elements of locavorism. [WSJ]

• The Center for Science in the Public Interest plans to report Ben & Jerry’s to the Food and Drug Administration unless the ice cream drops the “all natural” claim from its packaging. [Eatocracy/CNN]

• Pretzel Crisps replaced their controversial “You can never be too thin” billboards with ones that read “Tastes as good as skinny feels,” another slogan beloved by anorexics. [Gothamist]

• Some Massachusetts doctors have begun handing out farmers’ market coupons to promote healthy eating among low-income patients. [Boston Globe]

• The 10,000-square-foot farm at Brooklyn’s High School of Public Service reaps 500 pounds of produce a week. [NYDN]

• Connecticut’s Metro-North trains will soon get new bar cars, these ones resembling sit-down pubs. [WSJ]

• As the domestic economy lags, international expansion is increasingly important for restaurant chains. [NRN]

• Seoul is fast emerging as a dining destination. [WSJ]

• Cupcakes are currently the subject of no less than three reality shows: D.C. Cupcakes on TLC, the Food Network’s Cupcake Wars, and WE’s The Cupcake Girls. [Slate]

• Seven people across the U.S. have contracted typhus from drinking shakes or smoothies flavored with mamey pulp. [AP]

Batali Pens Vegetarian Cookbook; Poultry’s a Food-Poisoning Risk