Williamsburg Fixture Relish Is Said to Have Closed

Photo: Gavin Thomas

We don’t relish bringing you this news: After the Miss Williamsburg fire last year, it looks like another member of the Williamsburg diner-revival triumvirate that also includes Diner may be gone. Earlier today, Gothamist pointed to Facebook reports that Relish has closed — William Tiggert of Freemans commented on Eater’s link to that post: “The place is officially closed. I’m seeing resumes from the staff. Years of ongoing MGMT issues sighted.” (That’s “management,” not MGMT the band.) And Free Williamsburg adds, “A friend of mine was at the bar when an all-hands staff meeting was called. When the bartender returned, he asked, as if he had just lost his job, ‘Anybody want some shots?’”

Our call to the diner went unanswered, but we’re still holding out hope that it’s closed only for the photo shoot that Gothamist mentions and not for good. New York Dieter Agyness Deyn is also shaken up about this — and so, presumably, is Sam Mason, who just happens to have been dining at Relish when took the listing photo above!

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Williamsburg Fixture Relish Is Said to Have Closed