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Where Jim Morrison’s Ghost Is Watching You Tinkle

Jim looming over Venice
Jim looming over Venice Photo: VenicePhotag via Flickr

Jim Morrison lives…in the bathroom of Larry Nicola’s Mexico Restaurante! Management and staff claim that the ghost of this American poet and Doors singer is taking up residence in their restaurant, which is housed in the bands’ former studio and crash pad. “You feel it here almost every day, throughout the entire place, but especially near this spot,” general manager Christina Arena tells AOL News about the unisex bathroom that once lead a more glamorous life as a vocal recording booth and currently features the band’s gold records outside of its entrance. So, is Arena just crazy?

Apparently not. She has corroboration from her co-workers, a member of The Doors, and Larry Nicola himself, who has either swapped the mezcal with mescaline here or simply struck upon his greatest marketing idea since The Vodbox at Nic’s. “Jim Morrison is definitely still here,” agrees an office manager, continuing, “Funky things happen all the time we can’t explain….But when that bathroom door handle jiggles by itself, that’s the weirdest sign.”

The Door’s own guitar player, Robbie Krieger, also confirms that after a recent visit, “His spirit is here for sure,” while Nicola claims he tried to get the place cleared by a psychic who eventually gave up and said, “whatever is here is not leaving.” Nicola wisely welcomes Mr. Mojo Risin’ to his party, saying, “It’s Jim’s place, too. We’re fine with that.” Hopefully he feels the same way when all of his whiskey mysteriously vanishes.

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Where Jim Morrison’s Ghost Is Watching You Tinkle