What You Missed at the Levi’s-Alice Waters Fête
Alice bonds with her assistant David Prior.

As we mentioned earlier, the Levi’s pop-up-print-shop thing in what was once Slanted Door on Valencia is playing host to a program involving Alice Waters’ Edible Schoolyard kids. Students from both the Berkeley and Hunters Point contingents of the Edible Schoolyard have already been in printing little books about gardening using a letterpress and some denim-based paper. Last night, there was a dinner in the space honoring Alice and her longtime printmaking collaborator Sylvan Brackett, in which Sylvan cooked a meal for Alice and unveiled a “Eating/Reading/Arithmetic” poster they’ve been working on, which will be distributed to the Schoolyard classrooms.

Alice was taking a break from her current project working on the 40th anniversary Chez Panisse cookbook, and she said she was “amazed” and overjoyed to see her schoolkids all gathered around the presses a few weeks back, making books about food.

On August 20, there’ll be a public unveiling event at the Valencia space for the Edible Schoolyard harvest calendar that Sylvan will be printing, before Levi’s closes up this temporary shop and moves on to New York, where there’ll be doing a photography workshop for two months on Wooster Street.

Below, a few shots of the event and the Japanese-inspired fish dinner that Sylvan prepared. Sidenote: Alice loves a good fried fish tail. Sidenote #2: Much like the common man, she’s not afraid to whip out her iPhone at the dinner table.

What You Missed at the Levi’s-Alice Waters Fête