What To Eat From The Yalla Truck

Photo: Yalla Truck

Yalla Truck was loose on Main Street Santa Monica last night, imbuing falafel with international ingredients in a completely vegetarian truck that also has a vegan option. In addition to their O.G. falafel with tahini and pickled turnips, there’s a “Falapolous” with Greek cucumber salad and tzatiki, a spicy firestarter falafel, the black bean-sporting Southwest, and a design-it-yourself option among the six recipes. And while the truck’s owners can’t teach you how to dougie, they do show L.A. how to “yalla” on a Facebook page, and it’s fortunately much simpler. While Yalla’s website is still being built, you can track this healthy truck option through its Twitter feed and see the full menu below.

Yalla Truck Menu

O.G. - Falafel balls, red cabbage salad, tomato/ cucumber salad, onion salad, lettuce, pickled turnips. Sandwich dressed with tahini sauce (sesame sauce with garlic an lemon) $4

Falapolous - Falafel balls, tomato/cucumber salad, onion salad, black olives, pepperonchini, green cabbage salad. Sandwich dressed with tzatiki sauce (yogurt sauce with cucumber, mint, lemon and garlic) $4.5

Persuasion - Falafel balls, green cabbage salad, onion salad, carrots, pickled cucumber, bean sprouts. Sandwich dressed with sweet, semi-spicy Yalla peanut sauce and sesame seed. $5

Southwest - Falafel balls, green cabbage salad, corn, black beans, black olives, onion salad, tomato/cucumber salad, Pickled carrots. Dressed with southwest chipotle sauce. $5

Italian- falafel balls, tomato/cumcumber salad, lettuce, onion salad, pepperonchini, black olives. Dressed with Italian Dressing $4.5

Firestarter - Falafel, red cabbage salad, pickled turnips, pepperonchini, onion salad, pickled carrots. Dressed with Shaata (chili paste and tahini) $4

Create your own
- 4 stuffers, 1 pickle, 1 sauce. $4

Extra stuffers, pickle, sauce for $0.50 each.

What To Eat From The Yalla Truck