What to Eat & Drink at Locanda da Eva, Opening Next Week

Photo: Courtesy Robert Lauriston

CHOWhound and former food critic Robert Lauriston’s new restaurant, Locanda da Eva, opens on Tuesday in the former Maritime East/Mazzini space in Berkeley. Lauriston talked to Kauffman this week about how he sees the restaurant business as a safe investment right now (this is debatable) and how the space sat empty for two years because everyone thought it was cursed — which means he probably got it for a song. Below, a sample menu from former SPQR and A16 sous chef Huw Thornton, who’s also a partner in the business.

As you can see, they’re sticking close to the tried and true Cal-Med, pasta-pizza thing. The fried rabbit sounds pretty good, as do most of the cocktails, which were created by bar consultant Jackie Patterson (Heaven’s Dog).

appetizers / small plates / salads
wild arugula with figs, fried bread, red onions, and ricotta salata 8

bruschetta with tuna conserva, chiles, tomatoes, and summer squash 9

fried sunchokes with peaches, radicchio, endive, parsley, and toasted almonds** 9

sott’olio of fried eggplant, roasted squash, wax peppers, cherry tomatoes, and basil* 8

pork trotter crepinettes with padron pepper and corn salsa 9

pasta small / large
ricotta agnolotti with roasted cherry tomatoes, cheese brodo, and fresh oregano* 8 / 15

spaghetti with chile-garlic soffritto, rock shrimp, squash blossoms, and bottarga** 8 / 15

strozzapreti with rabbit sugo, mustard greens, and Grana Padano 9 / 17

rigatoni alla pastora with spicy lamb sausage, basil, sheep’s milk ricotta, and pecorino** 9 / 17

bianca with robiola and onions* 14
ricotta and roasted squash with cherry tomatoes* 13
sausage, gypsy peppers, and mozzarella 14
“puttanesca” (anchovies, olives, capers, and tomato) 14

fish / fowl / meat
~ served with one vegetable of your choice ~

local rock cod with arugula, endive, potatoes, pesto, and toasted pinenuts 19

fried rabbit with summer giardiniera 19

chicken scallopine with green pepper peperonata 17

griddled skirt steak with roasted corn, radish, green tomatoes, and salsa verde 20


fried Brentwood corn with salsa verde mayonnaise* 6
griddled blue lake beans with garlic* 5
tomato-braised fennel* 5
garlic-braised butter beans with housemade yogurt* 5
~ platter of three 14 / four 18 ~

gelati: chocolate or strawberry 3
sorbetti: basil or plum 3
cookies: semolina shortbread, double chocolate almond, or ginger-cardamom 2.50
~ platter of all gelati, sorbetti, and cookies 16 ~
peaches and nectarines in red wine syrup with bittersweet chocolate ricotta mousse 8
chilled melon with honey-mint panna cotta and spiced walnuts 7.50
apricot torte with warm blackberries and mascarpone 7.50

**prepared vegetarian on request
Acme bread by request; extra-virgin olive oil 2
All produce is sourced from local farmers’ markets, directly from local farms, or from local distributors with a commitment to quality and sustainability. Except as noted, all dairy products are from Straus Family Creamery. All seafood is certified sustainable or is on Seafood Watch’s “Best Choice” or “Good Alternative” list. All our fowl and meat is naturally raised, pastured, and antibiotic- and hormone-free.

sample beverage list

specialty cocktails

Improved Americano - Carpano Antica Sweet Vermouth, Campari, sparkling wine 9

Sorrento Cooler - Barbancourt 8 Year Rum, limoncello, amaretto, lemon, soda 9

Tilden Park Swizzle - Rhum J.M. Blanc, lime, honey, passionfruit syrup, Luxardo Maraschino 9

Delicious Sour - Calvados, peach eau de vie, lemon, egg white, soda 9

Shattuck Daisy -Tanqueray 10 Gin, lemon, grapefruit, honey 9

Boothby Manhattan - Wild Turkey Rye 101, Carpano Antica, Angostura and orange bitters, sparkling wine 9

Kingston Old Fashioned - Appleton Extra Rum, Smith and Cross Rum, cane syrup, Angostura and orange bitters 9

The Green Wire - Hendrick’s Gin, Lillet Blanc, Green Chartreuse, orange bitters 9

Temezcal - Siete Leguas Silver Tequila, Benesin Mezcal, Dolin Blanc vermouth, St. Germain 9

Golden Caffé Shakerato - Galliano Authentico, espresso 9

caffé corretto con Sambuca - espresso, Sambuca 9

wines by the glass
See our bottle list for descriptions.

sparkling (5 oz. / 750 ml bottle)
Gruet Rosé NV (New Mexico) 6 / 30
Giol Prosecco (Veneto) 2008 7 / 35 og v
Dom. Labet Crémant du Jura (sherry-like) NV 7 / 35

white (6 oz. / 750 ml bottle)
Hilltop Craftsman (Hungary) 2009 5 / 20
Concilio Feudo d’Elimi Grillo (Sicily) 2008 5.50 / 22
Fogarty Gewürztraminer (Monterey) 2008 6 / 24
Birichino Malvasia Bianca (Monterey) 2009 7 / 28
Tiefenbrunner Chardonnay (Alto Adige) 2008 7 / 28
Giol Pinot Grigio (Veneto) 2008 8 / 32 og v
Voss Sauvignon Blanc (Napa) 2008 7.50 / 30
Noyes Friulano (Sonoma, Pagani Vyd.) 2009 10 / 40
rosé (6 oz. / 750 ml bottle)
Mirambeau (Cab. Sauvignon; Bordeaux) 2009 6 / 24
Raffault Chinon (Cab. Franc; Loire) 2009 7 / 28
Donkey and Goat Isabel’s Cuvèe Grenache
(Mendocino) 2009 9 / 36

red (6 oz. / 750 ml bottle)
Anselmi Refosco Zellina (Friuli) 2007 5 / 20
Tenuta Curezza PriNe (Primitivo-Negroamaro; Puglia) 2008 6 / 24
Giol Merlot (Veneto) 2008 7.50 / 30 og v
Morrona Chianti I Sodi del Paretaio 2008 7 / 28
Ricci Bonarda El Matt (Piemonte) 2007 7 / 28
Venturini Valpolicella Classico 2008 7.50 / 30
D’Antiche Terre Aglianico (Campania) 2008 8 / 32
Vita Piu’ Su Susumaniello (Puglia) 2007 11 / 44
La Cappuccina Campo Buri (Carmenere-Oseleta;
Veneto) 2004 12 / 48

dessert wines
Monchiero Carbone Birbèt (Brachetto, 5.5% alcohol, sparking, Piemonte) NV 7.50 (5 oz.)
Bera Moscato d’Asti (5.5% alcohol, sparking, Piemonte) 2008 9 (5 oz.)

coming soon

nonalcoholic beverages
coming soon

og = made with organic grapes b = biodynamic v = vegan

Locanda da Eva
- 2826 Telegraph Avenue (between Oregon and Stuart) - 510.665.9601

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What to Eat & Drink at Locanda da Eva, Opening Next Week