What to Eat at Treat Cupcake Bar, Bringing Design-Your-Own Cupcakes to Needham

Photo: Treat Cupcake Bar

The Boston area is certainly not lacking in cupcake shops these days, but Treat Cupcake Bar, now open in Needham Center, one-ups other local shops with a design-your-own cupcake bar. Choose a cake base (including a gluten-free option), a frosting, and up to three “treats” to mix in for a cupcake that is just what you want. If you’d rather just pick up something already prepared, the cupcakes run the gamut from typical (chocolate, vanilla) to unusual (Almond Joy, Mint-O-Green). Treat also offers coffee and tea to wash down your indulgence.

Everyday Treats
Red Velvet (Red Velvet Cake/ Cream Cheese Frosting)
Triple Chocolate (Chocolate Cake/ White Chocolate Filling/ Chocolate Frosting)
Half Moon (Marble Cake/ Cream Cheese Frosting/ Ganache)
Needham Cream Pie (Gold Cake/ Vanilla Filling/ Chocolate Frosting)
Peanut Butter Overload (Chocolate Cake/ Peanut Butter Cups/ Peanut Butter Frosting/ Ganache)
The Plain Jane (Vanilla or Chocolate Cake/ Vanilla or Chocolate Frosting)
Mini Sampler Pack (Select Varieties)

Rotating Treats
S’Mores (Chocolate Cake/ Graham Cracker Bottom/ Milk Chocolate/ Toasted Marshmallow)
Mint-O-Green (Mint Chocolate Cake/ Mint Frosting/ Ganache Swirl)
Lemon Drop (Gold Cake/ Lemon Frosting/ Sugar & Candy Lemon)
Hugs (Chocolate Cake With White Chocolate Bits/ White Chocolate Frosting)
Funky Chunky Oreo (Chocolate Cake With Oreos/ Chunky Oreo Frosting/ Ganache)
The Bugs Bunny (Carrot Cake/ Cream Cheese Frosting)
Caramel Swirl (Caramel Cake/ Buttercream/ Caramel Swirl)
Chunky Monkey (Banana Cake With Chocolate Chips/ Chocolate Frosting)
German Chocolate (Chocolate Cake/ German Filling/ Chocolate Frosting)
Cookie Dough (Gold Cake With Cookie Dough Bits/ Chocolate Frosting)
Almond Joy (Chocolate Cake/ Coconut Frosting/ Almonds/ Chocolate Drizzle)

Seasonal Treats
Pink Lemonade
Strawberries N’ Cream
Pumpkin Pie
Candy Apple
The Nor’easter
The North Pole

Make A Treat

1. Select a cupcake
Vegan Option
Gluten-Free Option
Seasonal Flavor

2. Choose a frosting
Classic Buttercream
Cream Cheese
Chocolate Buttercream
Vanilla Buttercream (dairy and gluten free)
Seasonal Flavor

3. Add some treats (please choose up to 3 treats)
Chocolate Covered Pretzel
Shredded Coconut
White Chocolate Chips
Dark Chocolate Chips
Gummy Worms
Blox Tart Candy
Pop Rocks
Peppermint Patties
Malted Milk Balls
Heath Bar
Reese’s Pieces
Peanut Butter Cups
Fresh Fruit Selection
Seasonal Options
What to Eat at Treat Cupcake Bar, Bringing Design-Your-Own Cupcakes to Needham