What to Eat at Towne, Bringing Whiskey Butter Lobster to Hynes Tomorrow

Towne Photo: Lucy Sherman

Towne, the epic Lydia Shire/Jasper White/Mario Capone collaboration, opens in the Hynes Convention Center tomorrow and we’ve got your first look at the menu. As promised, it spans the globe, bouncing from China (pig chop with fried milk and Wuxi riblets) to Italy (a Wednesday and Sunday special of porchetta with anise-flamed broiled summer peach) to America itself (wood-fired lobster with lobster sausage, whiskey butter, and fries). Of note: the menu requests that you order the burger rare. Above all, the food here is fun: a starter of foie gras is paired with a roasted grape risotto, a witty play on the foie gras and jam sandwiches we’ve seen at so many restaurant parties and the iceberg salad goes by the punderful “Iceberg, Baby.” Towne gets serious when it comes to the prices, however: entrees will generally run you $25-35 and it’s possible to pay over $20 for a starter.

paratha… hot & flaky w/green onion… curried cauliflower 8
soft shell crab crisped… corn pots de crème w/curly parsley pesto 17
tartare: jasper’s sirloin & cleanseas™ bluefin tuna 21
foie gras… seared w/ white pepper… roasted grape risotto 24
fettuccine alfredo… the truth as it was invented for our friend paul pierce 16
clam linguine… new england’s own… as you wish/red or white sauce… skillet toasted garlic bread 17 can be gluten free
ravioli… towne’s extra thin of: spinach, ricotta & beef… w/candele sauce 17

Wood Grilled Pizza
margherita w/ yellow tomato smoked over olive wood 16
sausage & pepperoni 17
g & j’s mushroom duxelles w/ scallion & fresh homemade cheese 16
lobster & corn w/ honeyed ricotta 26

caesar salad spears w/panko fried egg & white anchovies 11
arugula w/ fresh picked lima beans… warm spiced lobster oil 9
beet carpaccio… yellow & red w/watermelon, feta & snipped herb salad 11
iceberg/baby… with double smoked bacon & triple crème blue 11
garden tomato… ripe w/ burrata, sweet onion, peach… nasturtium & almond oil 15
avocado, pea shoots & radish w/pork belly crackling 13

lobster tails… summer’s soft shell… chilled w/ sriracha lemon zabaione 11 per tail
littlenecks /cape cod ½ doz 12
oysters/east coast ½ doz 16
oysters broiled… chiu chow oyster pancakes 16
sea clam casino… baked giant hand harvested sea clam from new bedford 10
razor clams a la plancha… basque ‘piment’ aioli 12 available with the correct tides
lobster bisque… unusual white 14

Wood-Fired Rotisserie
chix thighs w/ black mustard seeds, turned & charcoaled on skillet toasted garlic bread 18
chicken… ½ roto brushed w/ leaf lard & sherry… lemon salt 24
porchetta w/broiled summer peach flamed in anise 30 wed & sun
rib roast… towne’s prime xtreme spiced w/russian seasoning… sauce cart 35

Wood-Fired Grill
swordfish pup steak…10 oz. w/ ‘grilled’ white clams… white clam risotto 29
duck crisp… basted w/cane syrup & citrus… huckleberry jus 28
beef short ribs crisp tender w/ lemongrass, lime & young ginger 34
sirloin… meyer natural prime… dry aged… half steak 24… 14 oz…. 42 sauce cart
rib steak, 36 oz…. family style… prime tomahawk cut… mesquite grilled…sauce cart ( 3 to 4 people ) mkt
lobster 2lb. mkt 3lb. mkt w/lobster sausage… whiskey butter & frites

lobster roll… hot buttered/maine style w/ frites 24
cod “bullet” potato wrapped w/homemade tartar and chowder sauces 27
salmon… charred wild king w/tart key lime & palm sugar gastrique… okinawan yam 29
tuna #1… seared and rare w/1 perfect summer tomato, white miso vinaigrette, white
beans & crisped chard leaves 32

skirt steak 8 oz. wagyu…xtreme w/ wasabi & hot green garlic 29
chicken ‘brick’ style whole 2lb…. olio santo w/ chiles & gold leaf 29
peking chicken & pot pie 31
pig chop w/fried milk & wuxi pork riblets 28
lamb chops… colorado…tandori fired w/ raita & puffed poori 39
burger xtreme… 70/30 ground skirt & shortrib/poppy seed roll…rare please 21

potato gratin… dauphinoise 8
russets & sweet potatoes… mashed 7
yellow split peas… quite unctuous w/ dice of raw red onion & curly parsley 6
green beans… twice fried w/ white soy & ginger juice 7
creamed spinach… devilish & gluten free 8
portabello mushrooms, wood grilled w/ robiola crema… garlic & sage crisps 11
jasmine… simple 5
basmati… coconut, black cardamom & fried shallots 7
tadiq… the emperor’s w/saffron & carrot 8
pilaf… nutty meat stock & silver leaf 8
valencia rice /mariscos 11
additional bread basket 4

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What to Eat at Towne, Bringing Whiskey Butter Lobster to Hynes Tomorrow