What to Eat at the Pork Shoppe, Now Open

Photo: courtesy the Pork Shoppe

The city’s latest barbecue joint is finally open. The Pork Shoppe in Avondale may have been delayed for few months now, but after dealing with some family matters, it opened for lunch yesterday. The joint is run by one of the former owners of Tizi Melloul, and all the meat is sourced from local pig farmers. A few people from LTHForum were able to check it out, and brought back word on the menu, which is available below.

Most of the barbecue is cooked in a large aquarium-style smoker in the middle of the room. Though the pig is the main star here, the brisket has already gotten some raves, and the shop ran out of it early yesterday. Hopefully they make a bigger batch today. We have a feeling with the hot weekend coming up, this place will see its fair share of lines.

Besides the meaty mains, they have a range of sides, including corn on the cob, corn bread, and baked beans with burnt ends, which are those lovingly crispy and smokey edges of brisket. It’s BYOB for the moment, though the owner plan to bring bourbon and beer in as soon as the liquor license clears.

The Pork Shoppe, 2755 W. Belmont Ave., Chicago, IL 60618; 773-961-7654

Pork Shoppe Chicago - New Chicago BBQ Spot opening in April [LTHForum]

Baby Back Ribs $11/half $19/full
Pulled chicken $4.50 per 1/4lb
Pulled pork $6.00 per 1/4lb
Brisket $6.50 per 1/4lb
Flank steak $5 per 1/4lb

* Add $1 to turn any of the 1/4lb portions into a sandwich

Brisket taco $2

Corn on the cob $1
Cornbread $3.50
Mac & Cheese $3
Burnt End Baked Beans $4
Fries $2
The Pickle $1
Green Bean salad (lettuce, caramelized onion, almonds, blue cheese) $5.50

Sweet & Sticky Sauce (molasses)
Tart & Tangy Sauce (vinegar)
Wicked Spicy Sauce (chiles)
What to Eat at the Pork Shoppe, Now Open