What to Eat

What to Eat at the Girl & the Goat

Photo: courtesy Girl & the Goat

Over the holiday weekend Stephanie Izard sneakily launched the Girl & the Goat website, finally showing off the first draft of the menu. It is divided up into three sections, featuring vegetables, fish, and meat. The menu is pretty much exactly what we had expected from the Top Chef winner (Luckily, she didn’t decide to go Asian fusion). But it is still thrilling to see this thing up close. Though the opening date is still not official (it has been delayed numerous times), it feels like the opening should come any day now. Take a look below at the menu and start salivating.

Goat makes an appearance on a flat bread, tripe is on the menu, and rabbit turns up as rilletes. The most intriguing dish to us right now looks like the seared scallops with roasted pig tongue and smoked lardo. How can that be bad? Who knows if this will be the official menu for the opening, as the website promises that the menu will change often. But it does show that we can expect some serious meat dishes.

Update: We were just relayed that this is just a sampling of the menu. A larger, more impressive menu will come soon.

Girl & the Goat Menu

chilled sweet onion soup . sorrel vinaigrette
spiced roasted english pea pods . ginger aioli . fresh pita
roasted asparagus salad . pickled rhubarb . toasted almonds . prairie fruits chevre
artichoke and strawberry panzanella . crisp capers . barigoule vinaigrette
french gnocchi . bitter greens . fresh ricotta

grilled oysters . herb aioli . pancetta
whitefish crisped asparagus . chive yogurt
grilled lamb stuffed calamari . marcona almond butter . cilantro
seared north carolina yellowfin . sugar snaps . blueberries . radish
seared scallops . roasted pig tongue . smoked lardo

ham frites . smoked tomato aioli
smoked goat flatbread
rabbit rillette . crisp rice noodle crepe . baby carrot giardinaire . mustard greens
braised tripe a la plancha . crisp masa . beef vinaigrette
artichoke fideos . roasted lamb . fresh mozzarella
What to Eat at the Girl & the Goat