Pay for Your Meal With Euros at Réunion Surf Bar, Open Today in Hell’s Kitchen

Photo: Courtesy Reunion Surf Bar

The swankification of Hell’s Kitchen continues with today’s opening of Réunion Surf Bar, a beach-themed, quasi-Tiki spot from partners Thomas Wilson, Eugene Ashe, and Five Napkin Burger’s Robert Guarino. The restaurant takes its name from Réunion Island, a French-owned island off the coast of Madagascar, which also loaned the spot its signature dish: a hollowed-out baguette packed with Chinese meatballs, French fries, caramelized onions, and Gruyere, which is appropriately named Le Americain.

Besides the giant American, the restaurant serves Réunion-inspired dishes like short-rib sliders, banana-leaf-steamed mahi mahi, and “Dodo dogs” — slaw-topped smoked French sausages that share their bun with a giant, fatty piece of bacon. The drink menu, served by bartenders clad in board shorts and skully caps, carries the jet-set surfer shtick along with mai-tais, dark & stormys, and a tequila-spiked “frozen Corona” slushy. When it’s time to pay the bill: The restaurant is happy to accept your payment in either dollars or euros. Check out the menu below.

Reunion’s Full Menu [PDF]

Réunion Surf Bar, 630 Ninth Ave. at 44th Street.; 212-582-3200

Pay for Your Meal With Euros at Réunion Surf Bar, Open Today in