What to Eat at Mac & Min’s, Open Now in the West Loop

Oyster Po' Boy
Oyster Po’ Boy Photo: Nick Kindelsperger

Jerry’s Sandwiches made an almost seamless transition over the July 4th weekend into Mac and Min’s, a New Orleans themed sandwich shop which opened last Thursday. As one might expect, the restaurant features loads of po’ boys and a few kinds of muffalettas, along with sides like Zapp’s Chips and, hopefully soon, some fresh oysters. You can also pick up some café au lait while you wait, which might be a little longer than a normal sandwich shop. But it’s all for a good cause, as everything is fried to order. Check out the full menu below. [Thrillist]

Mac & Min’s, 1045 W. Madson Street, Chicago, IL 60607; 312-563-1008

- Fresh shucked oysters with cocktail sauce or mignonette coming soon

Fried Oysters with Toast & Remoulade 9.95
Fried Green Tomatoes with Toast & Remoulade 6.95
Sweet Potato Fries with Creole Mayo or Debris Gravy 5.95

Soup Du Jour 3.95/6.45
Gumbo 4.45/7.45
Red Beans & Rice Soup 4.45/7.45
Green Salad with Carrot, Radish, Red Onion, Crouton, & 4.95
Vinaigrette, Green Goddess, or Russian Dressing

Dressed = lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickle, mayo, and hot sauce. Creole mustard, vinaigrette, debris gravy, and remoulade are optional. Cheese (American, Swiss, Provolone) is +.50. Multigrain bread is +.25. Half/Whole
Fried Shrimp 8.95/15.95
New Orleans BBQ Shrimp (seasoned garlic butter sauce) 8.95/15.95
Fried Shrimp Voodoo (buttered hot sauce) 8.95/15.95
Fried Oysters (regular or voodoo) 8.95/15.95
Fried Shrimp & Oysters 8.95/15.95
Fried Trout 8.95/15.95
Blackened Trout 8.95/15.95
Fried Chicken 7.45/12.95
Fried Chicken Voodoo 7.45/12.95
Warm Roast Turkey 7.45/12.95
Warm Roast Beef 7.45/12.95
Warm Corned Beef 7.45/12.95
Warm Root Beer Glazed Ham 7.45/12.95
Roast Beef & Baked Ham 7.45/12.95
Roast Beef & Turkey 7.45/12.95
Surf & Turf (fried shrimp & beef) 8.95/15.95
Chaurice Sausage (spicy) 7.95/13.95
Alligator Sausage 7.95/13.95
Hamburger (regular or blackened) 7.45/12.95
Veggie Burger (regular or blackened) 7.45/12.95
Fried Green Tomatoes 7.45/12.95
Fried Portabella Mushroom 7.45/12.95
Blackened Portabella Mushroom 7.45/12.95

On olive oil bread with olive relish and provolone. Lettuce, tomato, red onion optional
Regular (Country Ham, Mortadella, Hot Coppicola, Salami) 7.45/12.95/23.95
Fried Green Tomatoes & Blackened Portobella 7.45/12.95/23.95

Mixed greens with carrots, radishes, red onions, croutons, and vinaigrette, green goddess, or Russian dressing. And corn bread.
Shrimp 10.45
Oysters 10.45
Trout 10.45
Chicken 8.95
Turkey 8.95
Roast Beef 8.95
Corned Beef 8.95
Ham 8.95
Sausage 9.45
Green Tomatoes 8.95
Portabella Mushrooms 8.95

Zapp’s Chips 1.45
Fries 2.95/4.95
Sweet Potato Fries 3.45/5.95
Add Debris Gravy nc
Cider Slaw 1.45/2.95
Creole Potato Salad 1.70/3.45
Roast Garlic Mash Potatoes 1.70/3.45
Mac & Cheese 1.95/3.95
Corn Bread & Butter 1.95

Cookies 1.70
Brownie 2.95
Lemon Bar 2.95
Bourbon Pecan Pie Bar 2.95
Caramel Bread Pudding 3.95
Sundae: Warm Dessert, above, with Scooter’s Vanilla Custard & +3.95
Chocolate, Caramel, or Raspberry Sauce
Scooter’s Individual Custards 3.95

Homemade Lemonade 2.70
Homemade Iced Tea 2.45 refills
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Diet Sprite 1.45
Boylan Pop: Root Beer, Diet Root Beer, Black Cherry, Cream, Orange 2.70
Bottled Water 1.45
San Pellegrino Sparkling Water 2.70

French Press Metropolis Coffee 2.45/5.45
With Chicory nc
Café Au Lait 2.95
Mighty Leaf Teas 2.45
What to Eat at Mac & Min’s, Open Now in the West Loop