Vinolio and Ursa Both End Their Short Lives

A jazz band plays at Vinolio
A jazz band plays at Vinolio Photo: JM Rosenfeld via Flickr

It’s probably not too shocking to anyone who ate there to hear that Hollywood’s Vinolio is now closed after opening just last fall. Eater reports that there was a dual-management situation in effect at the restaurant and that the two sources are splitting up. Rather than share custody or sell Vinolio to one side, the enoteca will be replaced by a new concept, with early indicators suggesting something French, as yesterday’s Italian wine bar is today’s neighborhood bistro. What else is closing after even less time in existence?

Over in Silver Lake, Eater details the permanent hibernation of Ursa after only one month. Anat Escher’s Mediterranean restaurant had a staggering total of four accomplished chefs from its conception to its swift death, ending with Mozza-vet Dylan Hallas. It’s hard to tell whether Escher is taking the new or old concept from Vinolio when announcing her leanings towards a Mediterranean “neighborhood bar and kitchen” concept for the rebirth. Nor is she revealing the identity of the new chef in the kitchen. Instead, she says “we’re not promoting him until he can prove himself,” giving a small window into the personality that might have driven four other chefs away from her business. Stay tuned for more news on the reinvention with, hopefully, a more appetizing name than Ursa.

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Vinolio and Ursa Both End Their Short Lives