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User Reviews: Franny’s Is ‘Festive,’ La Esquina’s Tacos Are ‘Absolutely Heaven’

We have full faith in the culinary opinions of our stalwart critics, Adam Platt, Rob Patronite, and Robin Raisfeld, but sometimes what we really want to hear is what the average diner has to say. So we turn to’s restaurant user reviews for guidance. This week: Franny’s, Celeste, Aldea, La Esquina, and Blue Smoke.

Franny’s, current rating: 7
“We’ve often had amusing conversations with strangers at adjacent tables, when each party eyed the other party’s appetizers and wanted to compare notes. Not all restaurants have such a festive air about them.” JimL

Celeste, current rating: 7
“Ordering the cheese plate is a rite of passage, as the owner insists on coming to your table and giving you a detailed description of each cheese. With his thick accent, most of the narrative is largely incomprehensible, but again, part of the charm.” brooksjo2

Aldea, current rating: 9
“Ordered the Sea Urchin Toast to start, thoroughly enjoying the artistic display put forth to create the dish before my eyes. Almost as enjoyable as the taste itself; A buttery smooth blend of oceanic flavors and textures.” basspro76

La Esquina, current rating: 5
“In love with the aguacate con queso tacos. Absolutely heaven at 3 a.m.” LizNY

Blue Smoke, current rating: 7
“Their mashed potatoes were deadly, not to mention the pulled pork, which had I died that moment I would have felt my life was complete.” krodster

Surely you have opinions about the places where you’ve been eating. Leave a review for your favorite (or least-favorite) restaurant, and you just might find yourself featured here.

User Reviews: Franny’s Is ‘Festive,’ La Esquina’s Tacos