Update In Re: The LGBT Center’s Possible Restaurant Plans

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News about the LGBT Center (Market & Octavia) possibly considering a restaurant and bar on their fourth floor broke last winter, and the early word was that Medjool owner Gus Murad was already dancing around the project and hoping to put in a bid. Grub Street spoke with the Center’s executive director Rebecca Rolfe, who tells us that they are only midway through the rezoning process right now, and they’re still open to multiple concepts for the space, including a bar or restaurant that would make use of the fourth-floor patio, but also office space, or even a gym.

Next Thursday, the Center goes before Planning to talk about the change of use, and after that there’s still another hurdle with the Land Use committee. Assuming it all goes, Rolfe says the Center will begin entertaining proposals sometime in late August. The only concern at this point may come from neighbors who haven’t been entirely happy with the noise and crowds emanating from nearby Triple Crown.

“As much as I love Gus and would love to hear what he proposes for the space,” Rolfe tells us, “it wouldn’t behoove us to limit ourselves in terms of concepts at this point. We’re open to any and all ideas that will work financially, and will help to bring more revenue to the Center.”

As for the potential awkwardness of the shared entrance that this new fourth venue will need to use, through the Center’s lobby, Rolfe says that any proposals will need to address security issues through the lobby, and that a profitable concept could eventually be able to construct a separate, dedicated entrance on Market Street.

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Update In Re: The LGBT Center’s Possible Restaurant Plans