Una Pizza Napoletana Hopefully to Open in August

Photo: Hannah Whitaker/NY Mag

Brace yourselves, wood-oven-pizza lovers. We tried and failed to get him on the horn last week, but Mr. Lucchesi succeeded, and finds that Anthony Mangieri’s Una Pizza Napoletana (Howard and 11th Street) is crossing his fingers for August now, having gotten snagged up in some of that inevitable S.F. red tape. “The inspectors here are nicer [than in NYC], though,” he says.

As we discussed earlier, the man who could claim the number-two or number-three pizza in New York last year (depending on who you ask) will be opening amid a glut of other new pizza joints, including Bruce Hill’s Zero Zero, Farina’s suspiciously similar-sounding Antica Pizza Napoletana, and Sharon Ardiana’s new Gialina spinoff, Ragazza. Anyhow, at this rate the very long-delayed Bar Agricole, a block down the street, may just beat Mangieri out of the gate, but it’s all good news for western SoMa.

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Una Pizza Napoletana Hopefully to Open in August