Ulrich Sterling Plans Latin Steakhouse Beneath Agua Dulce

Sterling with Jay McInerney.
Sterling with Jay McInerney. Photo: Patrick McMullan

A year after opening Agua Dulce, Ulrich Sterling has announced plans to open a separate restaurant, Carniceria AD, in the basement. The “Latin steakhouse” will seat 30 at brown-leather banquettes and copper-topped tables, from 6 till 11 p.m. It won’t open till the fall, but just to give you an idea, here’s the preliminary menu, with Creekstone, LaFrieda, and Benton’s all obligatorily name-checked.

Starters and Salads
Aji Amarillo organic chicken skewer: 10
Peruvian yellow chili and organic chicken

Aji Panca Beef Skewer: 11
Peruvian chili and Skirt steak

Chimichurri Shrimp Skewer: 12
Carolina white shrimp house made chimichurri

Daikon Radish and Pimento de Padron: 9
Grilled Radish and Sweet pepper

Jumbo Camaron shrimp cocktail 14.
Pached and chilled big Carolina shrimp served with a tomatillo-cilantro house made cocktail sauce, fresh grated horseradish

“Congrejo Latino” 13
Maryland jumbo lump crab cake, aji panca aioli, chayote mango slaw

Seasonal oysters on the half shell, by the half or full dozen MP
Served with tomatillo cocktail sauce and chive-chili mignonette

Torched salmon Tiradito 12
Thin sliced torched organic
Peruvian style sashimi salmon slices, house pickled chili, fresh cilantro

“Enselada de Tocino” 11.50
Thick-cut house cured Benton’s Bacon and iceberg salad wedge served with Cabrales cheese and crispy shitake mushroom

“Enselada Carneceria” 10.50
Carniceria AD signature salad of mixed local baby greens with watercress, roasted garlic-lime dressing, manchego cheese

“Al la Parilla”
From the Latin grill

“Bistek con hueso” 42
24 oz aged Giant Black Angus rib-eye. Grilled on the bone with crispy Peruvian popcorn

“Lomo parilla” 39
18 oz Bone in grilled Creekstone Farms 28 day aged Black Angus beef. Topped with crispy onion

“Chuletas” 29
Three grilled Colorado lamb “T-bones” minted smashed potato, fresh watercress

“Churrasco” 25
Grilled marinated Creekstone Farms Angus Skirt steak with classic chimichurri, and roasted red bliss potato

“Parilliada mixto”
26 Mixed grill of meats A mixed meat platter of pork chorizo, skirt steak, and lamb sausage, served with herbed cilantro puree and Lime-mustard aioli

Y Poco Mas…….
“ El Hamburguesa” 18
Carniceria AD’s signature 10 oz. burger.
House signature blend of Pat la Freida short rib and brisket charred to perfection and served on brioche grilled bun with thick cut grilled bacon, frisse and Chiuhauha cheese.

“Costilla Ahumado” 24
Smoked tea braised Short rib of beef braised with lemongrass thyme and smoked tea. Served on the bone, with chimichurri roasted sweet potato.

Sides: 8.
Truffled yuca fries, habanero mayo
Chimichuri smashed potato
Charred giant Peruvian corn, fresh lime, cilantro
Cucumber and Roncal cheese, fresh mint, chives
Roasted shitake mushroom
Lime-buttermilk fried onion

Carniceria AD, 809 Ninth Ave.; 212-262-5963

Ulrich Sterling Plans Latin Steakhouse Beneath Agua Dulce