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Tom Cruise and Will Smith Praise L. Ron Hubbard at Saddle Ranch

Mr. Smith goes to West Hollywood
Mr. Smith goes to West Hollywood Photo: Alan Light via Flickr

Of all the unappetizing things we’ve heard while tracking the dining habits of celebrities, this one surely takes the creepy cake: Will Smith and Tom Cruise embraced each other upon meeting this week…at a Scientology event…held at Saddle Ranch! Guh-ross! Two celebrity cheeseballs collide in an attempt to reach OT XV at the town’s biggest STD factory, where touching the furniture alone gives us week-long fears of being infested by something much uglier than body thetans. Wow, sometimes we forget we live in Tinseltown ‘til this sort of freak occurrence arrives. While we attempt to hide from L. Ron Hubbard-devotees, take a look below at where celebs have been dining, drinking, and dating in L.A. this past week and where friends commemorated the late, great Gary Coleman.

Barefoot: Halle Berry hung out with her daughter and a toy flamingo. [People]

Chin Chin: Kim Kardashian brought her buddy Lindsay Lohan some takeout. [Actress Archive]

Il Cielo
: A memorial was held Monday for Gary Coleman, attended by Todd Bridges and other friends. [Toronto Sun]

In-N-Out: Lindsay Lohan ordered a “last meal” of sorts a week before being incarcerated. [X17]

Matsuhisa: Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson reunited for sushi. [X17]

Patty’s: Joe Jonas met his grandparents in the Valley for lunch. [People]

Pink’s: Serena Williams had a house-party and ordered from the hot dog legend. [E.T. Online]

Pinkberry: Kim Kardashian took Justin Bieber for a frozen treat. [Celeb Jihad]

Saddle Ranch: Tom Cruise and Will Smith hugged at an event for Scientology. [Monsters and Critics]

SoHo House: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson had a quiet dinner. [Irish Central]

Spago: Christina Aguilera had an afternoon bite. [People]

Whole Foods: Megan Fox and her husband, Brian Austin-Green, bought groceries. [People]

Tom Cruise and Will Smith Praise L. Ron Hubbard at Saddle Ranch