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Todd English Won’t Serve Ranch Dressing Because ‘Everyone Does It’

Photo: Patrick McMullan, Hidden Valley

All Las Vegas writer Ken Miller wanted was to dip his fries in ranch dressing at the Todd English P.U.B. at Aria. “Todd doesn’t serve ranch here,” his waiter intoned. “It’s a Todd thing.” Truly, English presides over a virtually ranch-less empire: Our highly scientific research reveals it’s not available on or off the menu at a single one of his Boston, Florida, Las Vegas, or New York ventures. (A sympathetic hostess at the Plaza Food Hall thought maybe the pizza chefs kept some on hand for VIP slice-dippers. Sadly, a check-in with the kitchen revealed they didn’t even have the materials on hand to make it from scratch.) “I don’t have an issue with ranch dressing,” English explained to Grub Street when we inquired about his apparent prejudice. “It’s just that everyone does it, and I do things differently.”

If you absolutely must have ranch bearing the Todd English imprimatur, English noted that a version is on the menu at his Los Angeles spot Beso: The lettuce wedge salad comes drizzled with a sauce that the menu describes as “avocado ranch.” But English co-owns the spot with actress and noted avocado lover Eva Longoria Parker, so it’s possible that’s just her influence on the menu.

Like ranch on your fries? Tough, says Todd English [LV Weekly, via Eater LA]

Todd English Won’t Serve Ranch Dressing Because ‘Everyone Does