The Story of Oakland’s Oldest Taco Truck; S.F. Isn’t as Vegetarian-Friendly as D.C.?

• A history of the Mi Grullense taco truck, which first came into Oakland’s Fruitvale district in 1984 via San Jose, where taco trucks were banned at the time. [CA Taco Trucks via SFoodie]

• The AP gets into the butchery trend, profiles Ryan Farr of 4505 Meats. [AP]

• Phil Jaber, of Philz Coffee, no longer likes that dot-com-boom-era mural at Philz in the Mission and he moved a billboard over to cover it. [Mission Local]

• Jesse Friedman of Beer & Nosh fame, along with partner Damian Fagan, are launching their own beer brand: Old Oak Beer Co. [Tablehopper]

• SF takes 7th place in PETA’s roundup of the most vegetarian- and vegan-friendly cities. D.C., Portland, and Albuquerque all beat us. [SF Appeal]

• As locavorism becomes more of a must, chefs are in competition for products from the best farms. [NYT]

• McDonald’s is serving fries made from locally grown potatoes in at least a few markets. [Good]

• Goldman Sachs angrily denied the World Development Movement’s accusations that the bank’s commodity trading has contributed to the global food crisis. [Telegraph]

The Story of Oakland’s Oldest Taco Truck; S.F. Isn’t as