The Machete Truck Attacks Abbot-Kinney

Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

It’s easy (and fun) to slam the corporate embrace of the food truck trend, but it’s hard to hate on this latest one. The Knockout Taco Truck has switched gears to become The Machete Truck, in honor of Robert Rodriguez’ upcoming film of the same name. Debuting at Comic-Con this weekend, where the cast apparently made tacos, it was already idling on Abbot-Kinney yesterday serving the same menu as Knockout, but with a completely new wrap. It’s best feature?

While that New York Ice guy takes a stab at gangster-leaning, this one has a massive mug of former armed-robber/drug addict turned character actor/youth-advocate Danny Trejo, a true L.A. hero if ever there was one. The machete truck might not have Trejo’s beloved tacos from Marina Del Rey’s El Tarasco, but considering dude was a former California state prison boxing champion, it seems a perfect fit to transition the K.O. truck to one honoring this hardcore homeboy.

Okay okay, there’s an even larger drawing of what could be Lindsay Lohan, covered with Dia de los Muertos-style calavera makeup. But maybe she’s getting some gladiator training herself these days. The truck will promote the film until its debut on September 3rd and can be chased down via Knockout’s Twitter.

The Machete Truck Attacks Abbot-Kinney