Typhoon Sweeps The Hump Under The Rug By Opening Pan-Am Room

Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Brian Vidor, the owner of Typhoon, has a new restaurant replacing his scandal-plagued Hump, no doubt hoping to sweep lingering whale-sushi ire under the rug. The new place is called Typhoon Pan Am Room and sits on the third floor in a room of burnt orange walls, with a stone fireplace and simple light-wood seating. Gayot points out that the name is not only a nod to the S.M. Airport that houses it, but is also a reflection of the cuisine, which is a collection of South and Central American dishes. The restaurant tells us to expect small plates of Argentine, Peruvian, Bolivian, Brazilian, Mexican, and Guatemalan cooking, none of which involves an obsession with eating Moby Dicks, from what we know, though apparently skewered beef hearts and Chilean shepherd’s pie will be served too. There are also salads and soups, along with ceviche and a pronounced tequila selection. The new restaurant opens at 6:00 P.M. daily and you will not be checked for a wire or secret camera.

Typhoon’s Pan-Am Room, 3221 Donald Douglas Loop South, Third Floor, Santa Monica. 310-390-6565

Typhoon’s Pan-Am Room [Gayot]

Typhoon Sweeps The Hump Under The Rug By Opening Pan-Am Room