The Best Pub Quizzes In Town; San Diego Outlawing ‘Floatopias’

• A listicle for the over-educated and beer-loving: The best pub quizzes in town. [7x7]

Ken Ken Ramen, another ramen pop-up, is already facing supply and demand issues like Hapa Ramen before them. [Uptown Almanac]

• Contemplating the popovers at Wayfare Tavern — a bread product San Franciscans have clearly been starved for. [SFoodie]

• San Diego officials are mulling a ban on “floatopia” parties, wherein people drink in inner tubes just offshore. [Salon]

• Lufthansa is conducting taste tests in a flight simulator in an effort to improve the airline’s food. [WSJ]

• The United Kingdom has quietly dropped a plan to display calorie counts at chain restaurants. [Independent]

• Minnesota’s Department of Human Rights is cracking down on ladies’ night promotions, charging that they discriminate based on gender and violate the state’s Human Rights Act. [Reuters]

• To eat well at a Chinese restaurant, go on a Sunday and avoid pan-Asian spots. [Esquire]

• Kraft will more than double the amount of whole grains in Nabisco crackers. [USA Today]

The Best Pub Quizzes In Town; San Diego Outlawing ‘Floatopias’