Texas Barbecue Pops Up at Trophy Bar Tonight

Photo: Courtesy of HNH

The Southern pop-ups just keep popping up: First there was Dante Gonzales’s ChickenRidaz, then Honeychiles at the Charleston, and now An Choi’s chef Dennis Ngo tells us he’s teaming up with a few other smoke-lovin’ Texans (Howard Wong, LinYee Yuan, and Gregory Tran) to serve up Hill Country–style goods in Trophy Bar’s backyard tonight from 6:30 till 11 p.m. (Trophy Bar, of course, is where AsiaDog cut its teeth.) HNH (which stands for Houston, not How-ston) has sent us the menu below. Sweet-tea vodka is just $5 if you’re eating.

Meyer Sausage Sandwiches - $5.00
Brisket Sandwiches - $6.00
Meat Plate (Sausage and Brisket) with your choice of one side - $9.00
Sides - Creamed Corn, Potato Salad - $1.00
Banana Pudding - 3 Dollars

All served with homemade TX BBQ sauce, sliced dill pickles and onions. Sandwiches are served on Martin’s potato rolls. Meat plates come with a slice of white bread.

The pop-up will likely occur monthly, and possibly more often than that.

HNH BBQ [Facebook]

Texas Barbecue Pops Up at Trophy Bar Tonight