Goin At It

Suzanne Goin Spoon-Feeding Big Babies in Eagle Rock

Photo: Michael Smith via West of Rome

Want to be babied by Suzanne Goin for a night? Like some sort of Pink Floyd of cooking, the chef has an ambitious new concept menu planned for a West of Rome benefit next Monday in collaboration with this public arts organization. On July 26th, Goin will join an Eagle Rock installation by artists Mike Kelley and Michael Smith, who performs as a full-grown baby named “Baby Ikki’ at Burning Man. During the evening of avant-garde weirdness, a press release informs us that Goin will serve a special menu that parallels the progression of an infant’s diet. So what will that entail exactly?

The menu begins with “baby food-like” hors d’ouerves like lima bean puree with with pinenut pesto and cocktails served in baby bottles, then shifts to solid foods like braised lamb daube with lima bean puree, salsa verde, and feta. Somehow, the dessert reverts back to s’mores, maybe because they’re beloved by all age groups? Goin for her part says the menu demonstrates “how food nurtures us and changes meaning for us and with us as we grow.” And no, she won’t burp you, even for the $1,000 ticket price. Check out Goin’s full menu below and if you’ve got the dough, check out WestofRome’s website for ticket info.

Dinner for a Big Baby

Monday, July 26, 2010
7:00 P.M. to morning
The Farley Building
1669 Colorado Blvd. Eagle Rock

passed appetizers
carrot purée with charmoula

baked ricotta with wild mushrooms & cherry tomato

corn soup with crème fraîche

lima bean purée with pinenut pesto

main courses on buffet

market lettuces with buttermilk, lime, avocado and picked carrots

ricotta gnocchi with summer squash, cherry tomatoes, asparagus and pecorino

Alaskan halibut with sweet corn, fresh garbanzos, lambs quarters and chili‐cumin butter

Braised lamb daube with potato purée, lima beans, salsa verde and crumbled feta

passed desserts
Lucques’ smores
crème brulee with summer fruits

Suzanne Goin Spoon-Feeding Big Babies in Eagle Rock