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Supperclub Coming to Hollywood in September

Hopefully the club is cooler than the logo
Hopefully the club is cooler than the logo Photo: Supperclub

The SoCal location of Supperclub plans to open in Hollywood on September 16th, taking over 13,500 square feet of the old Vogue Theater. The Supperclub concept began in Amsterdam and was followed by locations in London, San Francisco, London, Istanbul, and Singapore, merging eclectic entertainment with nightlife and dining through a full-sensory experience of fashion, art, musical, and visual presentations. The company promises via press release that the design and architecture will be the first element to shock and awe, with the usual display of moody velvet curtains, red carpet, and so-called “sexy black” interiors throughout three rooms: a foyer, le bar rouge for some mixology, and salle neige, a white room where dinner and entertainment are provided as well as a dance-floor, stage, and salon. Guests will be escorted throughout the three rooms as part of the experience, leading eventually to a communal jam once the show’s over. And guess who’s in the kitchen?

We’ll be getting chef Guus Wickenhagen, who’s been with the company for seven years, starting in Holland and moving to London and San Francisco to oversee the ribbon-cuttings there. Each four-course menu is kept secret until the meal itself is served, with teases that the global cuisine will be akin to a “piece of art” cooked openly for all to witness. Produce comes from local sources though a partnership with Lavender Hill Farm, which is only seven miles from the theater, made by GM and former Mirabelle general manager Michael Duddie. Similarly, the brand will use Natura water filter, compost 100% of its food waste, has a solar panel to offset its energy usage, and will even make its own cleaning products from unused citrus.

Holding up to 800 people, Supperclub will try to keep everyone happy with two DJ booths, two bars, a smoking patio, and audience participation (please do not pick us) during performances. Shows are directed by former Cirque du Soleil coordinator Philip Solomon and will constantly change so no two nights are the same. Currently, a $75 per person charge is expected for four courses and entertainment. Sounds intriguing and not obnoxiously exclusive, though Dana Hollister might get the jump on this old-timey supper salon-cum-entertainment parlour with her forthcoming debut of Villains Downtown. In any case, this one will have more real ghosts, as the Vogue is reportedly haunted by the spirits of burned school-children and textile workers.

Supperclub, 6675 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood.

Supperclub Coming to Hollywood in September