The Other Critics

Stoddard’s Is Clever; ‘French with Training Wheels’ at Chez Jacky

• Devra First gives Stoddard’s two and a half stars: “In this history theme park, in a neighborhood catering to out-of-towners and those looking to quench a post-work thirst, it’s a relief to find that attention is also paid to the food.” [Globe]

• Robert Nadeau has a lukewarm two stars for Chez Jacky: “Although Chez Jacky is running a series of summer specials keyed to stages of the Tour de France, some of the food seems like French cuisine with training wheels. A few dishes unfortunately even revive the weakness of the old French restaurants in America: too much salt and uncooked wine in the sauces.” [Phoenix]

• The Dig grants Canteen a solid 3.5 stars, noting that “maybe not everything on Canteen’s menu makes for a balanced meal, but everything tastes good.” [Dig]

• Mat Schaffer files his annual vacation report this year from Provincetown. Executive summary: Victor’s is delicious, but the reservations policy is annoying, and the relocated Townsend Lobster & Seafood is perfectly old school. [Herald]

• Cheap Eats visits the new Fresh Pond Genki Ya, which “manages to defy the strip-mall ambience and create a verdant oasis beside an asphalt parking lot.” [Globe]

• MC Slim JB enjoys Mi Pueblito: “Mi Pueblito’s lonely location is a bit off the beaten path of Eastie eateries, but getting there is worth the trip: it feels like crashing a raucous family reunion where someone’s amazing Salvadoran abuela is cooking a feast for everyone.” [Phoenix]

Stoddard’s Is Clever; ‘French with Training Wheels’ at Chez Jacky