Should Willie Brown Always Get the VIP Treatment?

Photo: Drew Altizer

Michael Bauer tries to foment some controversy today after a mention of Willie Brown scoring a table ahead of everyone else at Nopa caused some ire from business columnist Andrew Ross. Ross sniffs about the preferential treatment, “It’s de rigueur in the restaurant business, even in egalitarian San Francisco, I’m told.” It’s like this guy never lived in a major city! How would New York or L.A. even exist without velvet ropes and celebrities getting tables ahead of you?

Bauer concedes that there are always going to be VIPs, and he says Willie deserves to jump ahead of any waitlist because he’s “done lots for San Francisco and the restaurant business.” I mean, nobody likes line-cutters, but come on, people. San Francisco, too, exists in the real world.

As a post-script, can we just say we love that one of the commenters on Bauer’s blog just replies, “Another reason why I avoid restaurants.” Why does this person read Bauer’s blog?

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Should Willie Brown Always Get the VIP Treatment?